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Mosquito Mary’s in the Spotlight: Experts Weigh in on Keeping Pests at Bay this Summer

boston 25 news mosquito marys

Hello again, Mosquito Mary’s community! We’re excited to share another feature of Mosquito Mary’s in the news. This time, we’ve been highlighted in a Boston 25 News article titled “BUG-OFF! Mosquito Control Pros weigh-in on the best way to keep the pests at bay.”

The news video segment and article begins with a note from the Norfolk County Mosquito Control District Commission, warning that the first real round of mosquitoes will be hatching at the end of May, marking the start of the annual battle with mosquitoes.

Educating the Public on Mosquito Control

Our very own pest control technician was interviewed for the article. He shared that since the start of the pandemic, more people have been spending time outdoors, leading to a boom in the professional spraying business. “People have gotten a lot of pets, they spend a lot more time outdoors, and they want to be safe. They don’t want to deal with the bugs,” Jesse said.

The article also addresses the question of whether it pays to have a professional company spray your property. The answer? Yes, especially if you have the right yard. If your property has low shrubby thick vegetation at the perimeter, professional spraying can be highly effective in controlling mosquitoes.

Safety and Protecting Pollinators During Treatments

Safety is always a concern, and the article assures readers that spraying is safe for kids, pets, and pollinators like bees, as long as the products used are approved by the EPA and used according to the label. Jesse affirms this, stating, “The synthetic is, if you’ve ever used a flea and tick shampoo on your dog, it’s very, very similar. So it’s safe.”

At Mosquito Mary’s, we take extra precautions to protect pollinators. Our technicians will not spray flowering plants or yards where they see a lot of bees flying around.

The article ends with a reminder that mosquitoes love to breed in standing water, so it’s always best to clear that from the yard. Personal sprays containing DEET are also typically effective.

We’re proud to be recognized for our commitment to keeping your properties mosquito-free. Remember, a mosquito-free home is a safe home. Contact us today to schedule your treatment and enjoy a mosquito-free summer!


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