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Mosquito Mary’s fully licensed and trained team of technicians know exactly how to target mosquitoes and ticks and apply the barrier treatment to your yard and surrounding areas to create a virtual barrier to keep mosquitoes and ticks far away from your home, your family, and your pets.


Our #1 priority is to keep your family and pets safe during and after treatments. We only use children and pet friendly ingredients. Our concentrated blend of essential oils and plant extracts eliminates the health hazards posed by other harsh chemicals. Plus, it’s proven to eliminate, kill on contact, and repel mosquitoes where they dwell.


We use targeted applications to create a continuous barrier around your property and ensure the best coverage. To maintain protection, our technicians will treat approximately every 21 days for the entire season. We’ll also check for possible breeding areas such as standing water during each visit.


Mosquito Mary’s Mosquito Control offers residents a wide variety of contract-free programs, which offers flexible payment options. Based on your family’s specific needs, you may choose to go with one of our standalone plans – or upgrade to our Full Season Protection Plan and SAVE OVER $600 over the competition.


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First, our technician will inspect your property for possible breeding areas that include, standing water in an over turned garbage can lid, low lawn or flower bed areas that tend to hold water, under decks, around patios, or even the possibility of clogged gutters creating a perfect hidden mosquito breeding site.

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Next, using our highly effective mosquito control backpack mister, our technician will professionally apply our customized mosquito spray around the perimeter of your property focusing on common breeding areas like pools, patios, decks, flower beds, swing sets, and other possible mosquito breeding sites.

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Finally, Mosquito Mary’s mosquito customized spray blend not only kills mosquitoes on contact, it also masks the carbon dioxide humans naturally exhale (which is what attracts mosquitoes to us in the first place). Plus, it continues working as a highly effective mosquito repellent for as long as 21 days after treatment

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I love Mosquito Mary’s slogan, enjoy the outdoors again. Why do I love it? Mosquito Mary’s helped me and my kids play in our back yard without having to worry about being attached. I will definitely be using them again next year. Thanks a bunch & Merry Christmas!

Residential Mosquito Control Service CompanyAllison Moore
Switched from another company to Mosquito Mary’s and have been extremely pleased. Staff has always been very friendly and courteous. They even took care of a stubborn yellow jacket nest located under a porch. Came out numerous times and got the job done. Highly recommend.

Outdoor Mosquito Control Service CompanyDaniel Reyes
Mosquito Mary gets the job done whole providing amazing customer service. They call quarterly to check in on their services while also leaving both a note and email if they are not able to provide service due to inclement weather. We are very pleased with their work!

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