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Targeted Tick Treatments – Protect Your Outdoor Spaces

Comprehensive Tick Control Solutions for Your Home or Business

Ticks can be more than just a nuisance; they can also pose a health risk to you and your loved ones. At Mosquito Mary’s, we’re dedicated to providing effective tick control services that help you enjoy the outdoors again, worry-free. With our customizable treatments, all-natural options, and competitive pricing, you can trust us to protect your outdoor spaces from ticks.

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Protection for your Home or Business

We offer specialized tick control services for both residential and commercial properties. We assess your property’s unique needs and develop a tailored treatment plan to effectively eliminate ticks and prevent future infestations. Our services cover a wide range of tick species, ensuring comprehensive protection for your property.

Ticks are active as early as late winter and early spring, so it’s essential to take steps to control their populations early in the season. Our tick control service can help you stay ahead of the problem and prevent tick bites before they occur.

Local, Targeted Approach to Eliminate Ticks

Our team of state-licensed technicians will perform a comprehensive assessment of your property to identify any current tick populations or potential breeding sites. We use a specialized spray that contains active ingredients derived from natural sources, which have been proven to be effective in controlling ticks. This spray not only targets ticks but also other pests such as fleas, lice, and mites.

The process is safe for children and pets, making it an excellent solution for households with families. There is no need to avoid outdoor areas for an extended period after treatment. You can return to your yard and enjoy your outdoor space as usual after just a short wait period. We leave a post-service door hanger to confirm that the job has been completed, and we welcome your feedback.

In addition to the treatment, we offer recommendations to prevent ticks from taking up residence on your property. We will advise you on measures you can take to reduce potential tick habitats, such as keeping your grass cut short, clearing brush, and limiting areas of dense vegetation where ticks thrive.

Why is Tick Control so Important?

Ticks are a serious threat to the health and well-being of humans and pets, and the risks associated with tick-borne illnesses are only increasing. In the United States, the number of reported tick-borne illnesses has more than doubled over the past two decades, with more than 300,000 cases reported annually.

Ticks are active as early as late winter and early spring, and they can remain active through the fall. They are known to transmit a variety of serious diseases, including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and others. These diseases can cause long-term health problems, including joint pain, fatigue, and neurological symptoms, and in severe cases, they can be fatal.

Effective tick control is the first line of defense against tick-borne illnesses. Our tick control service uses a targeted approach to eliminate ticks and other pests on your property, including natural and eco-friendly solutions that are safe for humans and pets. We also offer advice on how to reduce potential tick habitats, such as keeping your grass short, trimming shrubs and trees, and limiting areas of dense vegetation where ticks thrive.

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