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Tick Control & Prevention in Eastern MA & Northern RI

Regain your Peace of Mind with Comprehensive Tick Control

When the tranquility of your outdoor spaces is disrupted by the menace of ticks, it can affect your peace of mind. From North Attleboro to Woonsocket, we recognize the risks associated with ticks, including nuisances and potential diseases like Lyme disease. At Mosquito Mary’s, our licensed technicians don’t just focus on mosquitoes; we help you reclaim your yard from ticks as well.

Tick Control

Ticks start to emerge as the earth warms above 45 degrees Fahrenheit in spring, even before mosquitoes make their appearance, and they remain long after mosquitoes are gone. Our professional tick control process is designed to combat these stubborn pests, safeguarding not just your peaceful summer barbecues, but also the health and well-being of your loved ones and pets.

The Mosquito Mary’s Approach to Local Tick Control

Mosquito Mary’s offers a thorough tick treatment plan executed by our highly trained technicians. They are equipped to ensure:

A Safe Process: Our team follows a process that’s safe for your family, pets, and environment. We use a barrier treatment that adheres to plants and vegetation on your property, targeting and eliminating ticks without disturbing your outdoor enjoyment.

Egg and Breeding Control: Our integrated pest management strategy includes regular treatments and pest monitoring. We not only eliminate the present ticks but also prevent future infestations by targeting their eggs and breeding grounds.

Complete Property Inspection: Our technicians canvas your entire property on foot to ensure nothing is missed. This thorough inspection allows us to identify and treat all potential tick habitats on your property.

Trust Mosquito Mary’s for Effective Tick Control in Eastern MA & Northern RI

Tackling ticks means more than just a peaceful yard—it’s about reducing your family’s and pets’ exposure to potential diseases. Mosquito Mary’s goes beyond topical solutions and DIY methods by offering a comprehensive service that targets the source. Let us help you start enjoying the outdoors again, without the worry of ticks. Give us a call or fill out our Online Request Form to schedule a consultation.

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