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Protect Your Family and Pets with Residential Mosquito Barrier Treatments

Protecting Massachusetts and Rhode Island Homes from Mosquitoes, Ticks, Fleas and more

Mosquitoes and ticks can, unfortunately, turn your cherished outdoor moments into a constant swatting exercise. Worse yet, these tiny nuisances carry diseases that pose a serious health risk to you and your loved ones. Mosquito Mary’s Residential Barrier Treatment Service is designed to combat this menace, offering you the peace and safety to relish your outdoor spaces again.

Why let pests dictate how you enjoy your outdoors? Our barrier treatment not only eradicates mosquitoes and ticks on your property but also creates a protective shield to prevent future infestations. It’s time to reclaim your outdoor spaces! Contact Mosquito Mary’s today and schedule your first treatment. Let’s ensure that your next outdoor experience is all about comfort, fun, and safety!

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Professional Mosquito Control, Local Targeted Approach

Our custom-designed Residential Barrier Treatment Service is the ultimate solution for safeguarding your family and pets from mosquitoes, ticks, and other outdoor pests. Our friendly, state-certified technicians, well-acquainted with New England outdoor pests, are adept at locating breeding and inhabitation zones for mosquitoes and ticks on your property.

Our thorough and effective process includes:

  • Inspection and evaluation of your property by our licensed technicians
  • Utilization of larvicide to annihilate mosquito and tick larvae in stagnant water sources
  • Deployment of a pesticide-based liquid formula using commercial-grade backpack sprayers to target areas and along the periphery of your property
  • Thirty minutes post-treatment, the treated areas will be dry and ready for people and pets to enjoy

Comprehensive Protection Against Pests

Our Residential Barrier Treatment Service is designed to combat a wide variety of pests common to the Eastern Massachusetts region, including mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, beetles, crickets, and flying insects. We administer treatments every 17 to 21 days, establishing an effective barrier against these pests while also offering essential tips to eliminate standing water in your yard.

Our Signature Customized Mosquito and Tick Barrier

After conducting a thorough inspection and evaluation of your property, our technicians employ a pesticide-based liquid formula derived from chrysanthemum flowers, also known as Pyrethrin. This formula is safe for pets and kids. We apply this using commercial-grade backpack sprayers to target areas and along the boundary of your property. Within just thirty minutes post-treatment, your outdoor spaces will be dry and ready for people and pets to enjoy!

All-Natural Mosquito Treatment Alternative

We acknowledge that some homeowners prefer a natural approach to mosquito control. That’s why we proudly present our all-natural mosquito treatments, an environmentally conscious choice, particularly for homes with sprawling gardens and ponds. Many of our satisfied clients have vouched for their comparable efficiency, providing peace of mind while being environmentally friendly- but if not, they are still backed by our Mary’s Super Booster Guarantee.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Mosquito Mary’s, we stand by our commitment to deliver exceptional service. If you’re not satisfied with our treatment within 7 days following the spray, we’ll reapply it free of charge, no questions asked.

Contact Mosquito Mary’s of Eastern Massachusetts today to schedule your first treatment and prepare for a mosquito-free summer in the region!

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