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Outdoor Ant Control Services in Eastern MA & Northern RI – Your Trusted Solution

Defend your Property and Home with Reliable Ant Control Services

When the weather in New England starts to warm, ants begin their march, turning your serene outdoor spaces into a bustling ant freeway. As a socially-oriented species, spotting one ant is often a sign of many more lurking nearby. But fret not! Mosquito Mary’s, your local outdoor pest control specialist, is here to help you manage these unwelcome guests.

Ant Control

Our process, conducted by state certified technicians, goes beyond surface treatment. We identify, locate, and target ant colonies at their source, helping you reclaim your outdoor spaces. Whether you’re in Plainville or Bellingham, it’s time to say farewell to irritating ant invasions and hello to ant-free outdoors.

The Mosquito Mary’s Approach to Ant Control

Our ant control services are based on a thorough and systematic approach. Our skilled technicians work to:

  • Identify Ant Species: Understanding the specific species of ants allows us to adopt the most effective treatment strategies.
  • Locate and Treat Colonies: Surface treatment isn’t enough. We locate and treat the ant colonies at their source, preventing their return.
  • Prevent Future Infestations: We implement preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of future ant infestations in your outdoor spaces.

How You Can Help Prevent Ants from Invading Your Outdoor Spaces

While our professional ant control services are crucial, there are steps you can take to help keep ants at bay:

  • Promptly clean up food or drink spills.
  • Regularly clear pet bowls of leftover food or water.
  • Store food in airtight containers, if kept outdoors.
  • Keep trashcans clean and tightly sealed.
  • Regularly check and seal potential entry points like windows, doors, and cable, pipe, and wire passages.

Trust Mosquito Mary’s for Effective Ant Control in Eastern MA & Northern RI

Handling a few stray ants might be manageable, but warding off entire colonies can be a daunting task. With thousands of members in a single colony, ants are among the toughest pests to control. At Mosquito Mary’s, we leverage our local expertise to offer effective ant control services. Ready to take back control of your outdoor spaces? Fill out an Online Request Form to schedule a consultation, or give us a call by clicking the button below.

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