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Welcome to Mosquito Mary’s of Kershaw County!

Protect your Yard from Mosquitoes, Ticks, Fleas and more!

Imagine a warm summer evening in Camden, laughter around the BBQ, and not a mosquito in sight. At Mosquito Mary’s, we’re in the business of turning this dream into your everyday reality.

As your local Mosquito and Tick control experts, we specialize in sending mosquitoes, ticks, and other party-crashing pests packing. Our #1 priority is the safety of you, your pets and loved ones, which is why all of our technicians are licensed in the state of South Carolina to safely treat your property. We don’t just show up with a fly swatter – we deliver targeted, guaranteed effective solutions to keep disease carrying insects at bay.

Ready to turn your backyard into a bug-free zone? Give us a call at (803) 265-3910 or click the button below to get started!

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🦟 Trusted, Proven, and Local Solutions

Trusted by families and businesses alike, Mosquito Mary’s is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for your family and loved ones. We’re locally-owned and operated business, aware of the unique issues faced by our Kershaw County neighbors. From our Customized and All-Natural Treatments, to Ant Extermination and Prevention services, we’re here to help you enjoy the outdoors again!

🏡 Peace of Mind in Your Backyard

Take the first step towards a pest-free outdoor environment by giving us a call or filling out our Online Request Form. Our friendly and experienced team is ready to help you reclaim your outdoors from creeping, crawling, and disease-carrying insects! Welcome to a safer, happier outdoor experience. Welcome to Mosquito Mary’s of Kershaw!

📅 Protection for Your Outdoor Event

Planning a special event and want to avoid the mosqutio? Let’s make sure the buzz is all about the fun, not the bugs. We offer our Special Event Protector service designed to keep your event pest-free. Whether it’s an intimate backyard wedding in Sumter or a family reunion BBQ in Elgin, our team is ready to roll out the red carpet for your guests, and show pests the exit. So, go ahead- plan that perfect outdoor gathering, and leave the bug-busting to us. Your guests will thank you.


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