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Mosquito Control for Special Events in Dickson

Planning a party or a wedding in Tennessee?

Mosquito Mary’s of  Middle Tennessee will keep the mosquitoes from crashing for party!

It’s the ultimate party foul – the perfect summer party, barbecue, reunion, wedding, or other outdoor event is tainted by the relentless buzz of blood-thirsty mosquitoes. Even worse is the sight of an entire wedding party smacking themselves in the face as the vows are being exchanged because the mosquitoes are on a feeding frenzy. Instead of chowing down on Uncle Bob’s famous barbecued ribs, you’re the one getting devoured.

Outdoor parties often have mosquito problems because large groups of people emit greater quantities of carbon dioxide and octenol. Add in the increased heat and light of a large congregation of people and you’ve unintentionally created an all-you-can-eat mosquito buffet.

Let Mosquito Mary’s in Dickson help you kick those pesky mosquitoes to the curb before your big event. You don’t need to force your guests to slather themselves in insect repellent, and you don’t need suffer an endless sea of tiki torches that will overwhelm the wonderful aroma of cooking over an open flame. Are you ready to enjoy the outdoors again?

How does Event Mosquito Control work?

With enough time before your event, Mosquito Mary’s in Dickson will come to your event location to apply our barrier treatment and ensure that your guests won’t be the unsuspecting victims of mosquito attacks. Applied long before the food is prepared, special event sprays give you protection throughout the special day, from setup to the last dance. There’s no lingering smell, just effective protection from mosquitoes so you can celebrate all night long.

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When planning your party, you’ve got enough to worry about. Check mosquitoes off your list by contacting Mosquito Mary’s in Dickson and experience the joy of a mosquito-free party. Call today!

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