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We’ll Shut Down Ants Before They Come Marching In

Every year in Tennessee, as the weather begins to warm up, the ants come out. We’ve all been there. Ants are highly social creatures — seeing one ant likely means more are nearby. And killing some ants won’t take care of the problem. Effective ant control often requires finding and treating the colony. Mosquito Mary’s is a company that specializes in local ant control, prevention, and extermination. You can say goodbye to these irritating invasions. Our certified ant technicians know how to identify, locate, and treat ants at the source. Enjoy the outdoors again, ant free.

Dickson – Outdoor ant control, prevention, and extermination

How Can I Prevent Ants from Coming inside My House?

No one likes to walk into their patio or deck and find hundreds of ants swarming. While they aren’t typically harmful, you don’t want them there. Ants easily enter your home through even the smallest cracks and crevices. ant, ant control near me, local tennessee, best ant exterminator Once inside, they are most often found in kitchens and bathrooms, but can also be found inside walls, basements, and air conditioning and heating units. Luckily, there are things you can do to prevent ant invasions.

These precautions include:

  • Quickly and thoroughly cleaning up spilled food or sugary drinks
  • Clearing away and spilled food or water from your pet’s bowls
  • Using airtight containers to store your food
  • Avoiding leaving leftovers out
  • Making sure your trashcans are always clean
  • Sealing off windows, doors, and cable, pipe, and wire entry points

Ant infestations come without warning and are extremely difficult to manage without the help of professionals. Wiping away a few ants here and there is no big deal, but if you are regularly fighting off swarms of ants every summer, you need professional help. Colonies often have thousands of members; ants are one of the hardest pests to eliminate. Ant technicians know how to accurately identify ant species, locate their colonies, and implement effective treatment.

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