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Residential and Commercial Ant Control & Prevention

Keeping Ants Off Your Property and OUT of Your Home or Business!

At Mosquito Mary’s, we’re passionate about providing effective outdoor ant control services. Outdoor ant infestations can quickly turn into indoor issues, ruining picnics, parties, and quiet moments. Our tailored ant treatment is designed to nip the problem in the bud, targeting areas where ants may be active and preventing them from making their way inside your property.

Our ant treatment targets a variety of pests, including ants, mites, beetles, spiders, and more. With no unsightly residues or plant-damaging solvents, our formula is water-based and weather-resistant, ensuring quick and effective results. The technician will thoroughly inspect your property, focusing on the foundation, recreational areas, ant mounds, and other potential hiding spots, delivering a tailored solution to your ant issue.

Why Choose Mosquito Mary’s Ant Control?

With Mosquito Mary’s, you’re choosing a company that understands the local ant species and their habits. Our treatments are applied with precision, focusing on high-risk areas and using our expert knowledge to ensure an ant-free property. No one should have to deal with the disruption and discomfort of an ant infestation. Our treatments are designed to keep ants outside, where they belong. With two comprehensive treatments, we provide a solution that lasts, giving you back the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces.

Ant Control

Our ant control extermination services are available to every residential and commercial property owner on the North Shore. Our skilled technicians work to:

  • Identify Ant Species: Understanding the specific species of ants allows us to adopt the most effective treatment strategies.
  • Locate and Treat Colonies: Surface treatment isn’t enough. We locate and treat the ant colonies at their source, preventing their return.
  • Prevent Future Infestations: We implement preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of future ant infestations in your outdoor spaces.

Ready to Reclaim Your Property from Ants?

The Mosquito Mary’s team is ready to provide effective, reliable ant control services. We’re committed to protecting your property and ensuring a comfortable, ant-free environment. Say goodbye to unwanted ants and start your

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