Like any pet proprietor, you need to keep insects and ticks back from annoying your pet and moving into your home. Once a bad Infestation happens it can require weeks or months to control. Yet, by avoiding potential risks, and taking precautions you can keep them from happening in the first place. Hence here we have three best ways to conduct tick & flea control to protect your home and your pets from these little thirsty bloodsuckers!

tick control

#1 Protect Your Yard

Your yard is the first line of defense you have in keeping fleas & ticks away from your house. As ticks & fleas will find it the easiest to propagate themselves in your yard. Keeping a cleaning yard with its grass mowed, shrubs trimmed and tidy will help you make it unsavory for ticks & fleas. Hence having a clean yard is one of the most effective ways of tick & flea control.

#2 Take Preventive Measures

After your yard, the easiest way ticks & fleas can invade your home is through your pets. As a result, you must always run a special flea comb through your pet’s coat before & after going out. This preventive measure will allow you to reduce the number of ticks it might care if any at all. If your pet has long hair, then you might even consider shaving them during the summers for tick & flea control.

#3 Maintain Hygiene In Your Home

Having bad home hygiene is one tell-tale sign that you soon might end up with a bad tick & flea infestation. These organisms thrive in dirty environments and would want nothing more than an unhygienic home. The life-cycle of a flea – flea eggs, larvae, and pupae often live in carpeting or throw rugs. Therefore you must vacuum your home at least once a week for effective tick & flea control.

tick & flea control


The above best ways help you prevent flea & tick infestations, but what if you do end up an infestation in spite of all the precautions you take? Then you must call professionals like Mosquito Mary’s to help you remove ticks & fleas from your house!